Hi, I'm Oliver 👋

With 9 years of experience working with various server and client-side languages as well as XP & agile development best practices, I am looking to work with startups or large companies that are making a social, creative or environmental impact using technology. I also have an interest and some experience in design thinking as well as undergraduate experience studying Physics.


Here are some of the skills and practices that I can bring to the table

A Few Accomplishments

Below you'll find a sample of some of the recent side projects I've worked on or articles I've written

Guide: Hosting Helium on cellular data

Wrote an in-depth guide on how to set up Helium network gateways so that they can be used with a cellular networks that use carrier-grade NATs.

Was later interviewed about these articles by a well-known figure in the Helium world named Nik Hawks (goes by @gristleking).

Guide: How to host your own VPN

Wrote an article on why it's time to stop paying VPN providers and switch to hosting your own VPN, as well as a step-by-step guide for how to do it.

Project: BalloonBot

A Slack bot that is meant to help let engineers in your organization know when master is broken. It also will help gather information for post-mortems.

Project: Should I Go Outside Now

An application that uses an unofficial Google Places API to help people figure out the best time to shop during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Project: Circle CLI

A command line interface that visualizes Circle CI workflows. It also lets you know when your workflow has finished!

Project: What We Learned This Week

A chrome extension that integrates with Pivotal Tracker to help teams record their learnings while working through the backlog. You can then distribute those learnings to the wider engineering organization at the end of the week!

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